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‘Home Alone’ House 24 Years Later

As the movie marks its 25th anniversary, remind yourself what the house looked like then, and take a peek at what it looks like with a few updates.

Alternative Holiday Movies to Watch this Season

Whether you have just moved into a new home or have been in one place for a while, there are few things that bring the holidays into your home like watching holiday movies. But what if watching the old favorites doesn’t feel right? Make your holidays your own by daring to be non-traditional in your [...]

Boxes and Crates: A Moving Profile in Entertainment

Moving is synonymous with boxes and crates. These containers that make our belongings portable for a move are the stars of moving, but rarely get attention in other circumstances. You won’t see too many boxes or crates getting the spotlight in popular media…unless you’re paying attention.
The unremarkable nature of these containers turns them into infinitely [...]