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The Top Five Fictional Homes We Would Like to Move Into

We all want to move into our dream home. Sometimes our dreams reside in the world of fiction. Here are the five coolest homes in popular fiction that we’d all love to move into. Just keep in mind that these homes would also take some serious fictional cash to afford.

Celebrity Real Estate Roundup: Jim Carrey

Actor/comedian Jim Carrey has made some pretty classic comedies and he’s well-respected for that. Although his more recent films have not exactly been favorites at the box office, his earlier ones like Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Liar, Liar and Dumb & Dumber are considered timeless by most of my generation.
Oddly enough though, I actually find [...]

Top Ten Rainy Day Activites

It’s been raining all week here in New Jersey. It’s been interesting to observe different people’s reaction to the rain. Some opine the end of summer, already weary of grey skies. Others revel in sweater wearing and fireside reading. I fall into the latter group. I always find the fall slows things down for me, [...]