Tips for Moving Items on Stairs

Lugging heavy boxes and furniture out of your home to the moving truck can be perilous– to your goods and your body! To prevent damage to your items and avoid injury, there are several ways to stay safe. Carrying heavy items on the stairs is especially dangerous, so always move slowly, lift only what you can handle, and follow the rest of these tips!

Analyze the surroundings: Be aware of the number of stairs you will need to climb or descend. Make sure to take note of any uneven steps or loose boards that could cause an accident, always remembering to be cautious and move slowly. Analyze the width of the stairway, the placement of corners, and the height of the ceiling and railings to determine how the furniture will need to be moved, and if it should be lifted and carried or pushed.

Get help: The aid of professional movers is of course an effective way to lighten the load of moving. However, if this is not an option for you, friends are a wonderful asset when you are planning a move. Calling a few pals over to lend a hand makes moving a less stressful experience and is especially helpful when moving heavy objects and furniture. You can prevent unnecessary injury or accidents by enlisting the assistance of others when moving heavy items.

Plan the route: Make sure the path you will be moving the item is clear and free of obstacles. It is also helpful to measure the item as well as any doorways, hallways, or tight spaces it will have to pass through to ensure that it will fit.

Lift carefully: When lifting heavy items, test the weight of the object to be moved by carefully lifting one corner off of the ground. Do not try to move something too heavy by yourself–get help from a friend or two. When lifting an item or placing it down, bend at the knees, not the waist, and keep your back straight and upright. Keep the item close to your body while carrying it.

Communicate: Have a friend stand at the top of the stairs and another at the bottom to direct you. Make sure they have a clear view of your path so they can give instruction on the best way to maneuver the piece.

Keep the path clear: Once you have moved your piece up or down the stairs, make sure it is in a safe spot out of the way. This will ensure that other movers don’t trip over it.

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