Celebrity Real Estate Roundup: Tiger Woods

Photo courtesy of curbed.com

I’m not going to delve into Tiger Woods’ past transgressions and extra-marital dalliances as this really isn’t the place for that kind of commentary. However, I will say that the golf star and recent public pariah does have quite a lot of real estate to his name. It makes sense considering the amount of time he spends on the road traveling to tournaments all over the world.

Well, one of those properties, a condo in Newport Beach, California, is now on the market for sale. The condo is a three-bedroom, complete with a patio and a balcony. It also comes with an ocean view from several rooms, as well as a view of Catalina Island. The condo doesn’t have much in the way of decor, and it’s just about as plain and uninspiring as Tiger’s golf game as been recently.

Tiger has recently been quoted as saying that he “doesn’t use condos anymore” which makes sense because he now has a sprawling training and workout facility added on to¬†his already massive Florida estate. Anyway, since he apparently¬†now has no need for this Newport Beach condo, he has listed the 2,000s-square-foot property for a modest $2.495 million, which means that it’s definitely priced to sell, and sell quickly.

He originally purchased the condo for $3 million back in 2004, so he will be taking a loss on the property, but somehow I don’t think it will make too big of a dent in his wallet.

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