Tech Review: HomeSnap

Image courtesy of Sawbuck, Inc.

If you think you’ve seen it all when it comes to real estate apps for Apple and Android devices, you obviously haven’t seen HomeSnap yet. HomeSnap is a mobile app created by the folks at Sawbuck, Inc. for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (it will soon be released for Android devices as well) that completely revolutionizes the world of real estate apps.

The HomeSnap app utilizes the camera and GPS technology of mobile devices to give you an instant assessment of the house you’re standing right in front of, in real time. The way the app works is simple. Say you’re out house-hunting in a nice neighborhood and you come upon a home with a For Sale sign out front that looks like it could be the home you’ve been looking for. You want to know how much the house is selling for and you’d also like to have a look inside, without interuppting the family currently living inside.

Well, with the HomeSnap app, all of that information is at your fingertips, instantly. All you have to do is take a picture of the house and in a matter of seconds, everything you need to know about the property will be right in front of your eyes: listing price, interior pictures, and complete listing details for you to browse. No dialing up the real estate agent’s number that’s posted on the sign, no knocking on strangers’ doors. Just snap a picture and the info is all yours.

The HomeSnap app even has information for homes that aren’t currently listed for sale, and it can provide you with information like the approximate value of the house, it’s listing history, how many bedrooms/bathrooms there are and even what school district the area belongs to. All of this information is provided by a seamless integration with data from the Multiple Listing Service and can provide you with information for over 90 million homes throughout the country.

The HomeSnap app is currently available for download free of charge in the iTunes App Store.

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