Using the Internet to Aid Your Search for a Home

Model House and Home For Sale Real Estate Sign In Front on White Stock Photo - 10025758The Internet has made just about everything easier in the past decade. Cooking? No problem, there are millions of available recipes online. Home improvement projects? Just watch one of the many tutorial videos on Youtube. Need to find an obscure vintage item from the ’70s that you can’t find in stores? There’s eBay for that. Booking a flight to visit family? Check. You get the picture.

Well, you can add “looking for a new home” to the endless list of things you can now do over the Internet, as popular real estate websites like,, and have been gaining momentum in the last few years as major resources where potential homebuyers go to look for new homes on the market.

A recent study estimated that almost 47 percent of people looking for homes on a daily basis are doing so on the Internet first, without contacting a real estate agent. These popular real estate websites have, for all intents and purposes, become the middle man in the homebuying process and have removed the need for a real estate agent — at least in the early stages of the homebuying process. Once the person or family has found the property (or properties) that they are most interested in, that’s where contacting the real estate agent would then come into play.

But until that point, the Internet has made it increasingly easier to go “window shopping” for new homes from the comfort of your own, current, home. I suppose that in the future we might even be able to take virtual, 3D hologram tours of our home of choice without ever having to change out of our pajamas, but of course what do I know?

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