Celebrity Real Estate Roundup: Derek Jeter


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In our second consecutive sports-related Celebrity Real Estate Roundup, we take a look at Derek Jeter’s newly listed penthouse. Although he turns 38 years old in July, Jeter has gotten off to a red-hot start to the 2012 baseball season and seems to be defying everything we know about aging baseball stars until around mid-June when he comes back down to Earth and everyone forgets that he was batting .420 for the first three weeks of the year.

But anyway, Jeter has listed his penthouse in the Trump World Tower, a colossal 5,400-square-foot bachelor pad that features four bedrooms and is located on the 88th floor which means that you can expect to be greeted with panoramic views of the Empire State Building and pretty much the rest of New York City thanks to a wall of windows that measures 77-feet long.

To add to that, there is a huge fireplace, suede walls (suede walls?), and a giant #2 inlay in the hardwood floor, which is an added bonus if that’s your favorite number. If it’s not your favorite number, you can probably learn to live with it, because you’d be living on the 88th floor of the Trump World Tower in a four bedroom penthouse.

Derek listed the place for a modest $20 million a few years ago, but it never sold, so he’s been forced to bring the asking price down a few ticks, to $17.95 million. He apparently doesn’t need the penthouse anymore because his 30,000-square-foot mega palace in Tampa is close to being completed.

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