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CLICKandMOVE iPhone App(2) CLICKandMOVE unveils new user generated inventory app

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The CLICKandMOVE app available for iPhone and iPad devices and currently available in the iTunes App Store, is an app designed to simplify the sometimes complicated process of generating an accurate moving inventory and receiving accurate quotes and estimates from prospective moving companies.

The most unique and desirable feature about the CLICKandMOVE app, developed by the folks from Relovision, Inc., who run the and websites, is the fact that the moving inventories that you can create and save within the app can then be sent directly to a total of three prospective moving companies for an estimate. Perhaps the most difficult part of receiving an estimate from a moving company is making sure that it’s as accurate as possible, which is sometimes tough to do given the circumstances and the difficulty of having them assess your entire inventory in a precise manner.

With the CLICKandMOVE app, you can effectively eliminate the margin for error when comparing your moving company quotes and eliminate the guesswork in seeing how the prices and estimates match up to one another by ensuring that each moving company receives the exact same information and exact same moving inventory as sent to them through the app.

The fact that this app is capable of that and has a built-in database of moving companies from which the user can choose to send the moving inventory to, is a great feature and is sure to save you a lot of time during your next move. The app is already loaded with over 3,000 moving companies associated with AMSA to provide a wide range of choices when deciding which three moving companies to receive quotes from, so there is a pretty big selection size as well.

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