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Although Earth Day was officially yesterday (April 22nd) and the majority of the world has now moved on to “kind of caring about the environment a little bit” again, we at thought it pertinent to help you celebrate Earth Day all year long by undergoing a few household transformations that will turn your home into a “green” house. Get it?┬áNo?

Okay, well these transformations are reserved for those of you that are already planning on remodeling certain areas of your home. While some of these are simple “going green” ideas, a few of them are more involved and are probably not something you’d consider unless you were already in the process of remodeling.

An example of a green home improvement project that you might consider if you were going to install new flooring in your house, is to go with renewable natural flooring. So if you were thinking about going from carpet to hardwood floors and want to also go green in the process, consider this direction, the environment will likely thank you (not directly, but you’ll have to trust us on that one).

If you’re going for a full home remodel and are looking to hire a contractor to get the job done, hiring a green contractor certainly can go a long way in helping to transform your home into an environmentally friendly oasis. Green contractors can typically be found by going to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) official website, which provides a list of building professionals who specialize in green building. These green contractors can provide you with green construction and design that can not only end up helping the environment, but can save you bundles of money in the long run, for example by installing solar panels, energy saving appliances and water-saving irrigation systems.

Basically, there are many different directions you go in if you want to go green during your next home improvement or home remodel project, you just need to know which road you want to take.

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