TV Review: Man Caves

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One of my favorite things to daydream about is what I would put in my man cave if I ever had one. For those of  you unfamiliar with the term, a “man cave” is the name given to a specific room of the house set aside for a man to do man activities like watching sports, playing pool or poker, and hanging out with friends.

What typically goes in this “man cave” is really up to the individual. For example, my man cave would have football theme, with Giants memorabilia filling the walls and shelves and anywhere else I can fit it. If it seems like a silly idea, that’s because it probably is, but hey, a dream is a dream. I might have my own man cave one day when I have a house to put it in, but until then it’s always fun watching other people have their lifelong man cave dreams fulfilled and seeing what their ideal man caves look like.

The perfect way to do this is by watching the show Man Caves on the DIY Network. The show, hosted by former Baltimore Ravens defensive lineman Tony Siragusa and licensed contractor Jason Cameron, focuses on one lucky guy every episode that gets to have his own personal man cave carefully constructed for him by the show’s hosts. The show, in addition to being an entertaining way to see what other guys’ dream man caves look like, is also a good way to get some inspiration for my own future man cave. You know, assuming I eventually have one.

Some great ideas that have come from past episodes include virtual reality driving ranges, indoor putting greens, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, a full bar complete with taps for draft beer, a huge fireplace, and many other things that look really awesome but are also probably really expensive. Even better, the hosts of the show take the time during every episode to offer the audience helpful pointers and tips for how we can install some of these things ourselves in our own man caves.

You know, if we ever get the chance to have one.

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