Rescuing Your Garage From Clutter

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Quick show of hands: How many of you reading this actually use your garage for what it’s intended to be used for — storing your car? Probably not too many. How about this: How many of you can actually fit your car inside your garage even if you wanted to? Again, probably not too many. You might be asking, “Who actually¬†parks their car inside their garage? Isn’t that what your driveway is for?”

For many people, that’s exactly what the driveway is for. Stacking two, three, or sometimes even four cars in their driveway and leaving their garage for, well, for some additional (and sometimes much needed) storage space. When the time comes when you actually want to use your garage to park your car, you may find the task to be close to impossible.

Think about this: A winter storm is rapidly approaching and it’s expected to dump 12-16 inches of snow on your town. You want to move your car into the garage to avoid having to dig it out the next morning. However, when you open that garage door, you realize that you can barely fit a bicycle in their, much less your lumbering SUV. Oops.

This is pretty common. After all, we are a nation that loves to accumulate things (just look at all the different reality shows about hoarders that have taken over basic cable). And when we run out of space in our house to store our stuff, what better place to turn to next than the garage? Over the years, it gradually becomes filled to the brim with boxes of old clothes, toys, sports equipment, bicycles, tricycles, scooters, lawn movers, gardening tools, ladders, skateboards and everything else that isn’t your car.

Cleaning it out can often be a daunting task, but it is possible. Dedicate a day or two to the job and you’d be surprised just how much cleaner, neater and open the space in your garage becomes. Relegate all of the stray tools and equipment to an organized set of drawers and shelves that line the walls. Invest in some hooks to hang some things up ont he wall and save the floor space. Get rid of all the junk you don’t need anymore and hold a garage sale (after all, it is called that for a reason) and free up your garage again so you can use it the way it’s supposed to be used: for your car — not for clutter.

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