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If you’re out shopping for home improvement supplies one day at Home Depot or Lowe’s, and a friendly guy with a camera crew following behind him comes up to you and asks you if you need any work done in your house, what would you say? What if the guy told you that if there’s any project you need to get done, he’ll come to your house, with a team of contractors, and complete the job for free? What would you say then?

The answer seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people actually turn him down. Can you imagine turning down the prospect of a completely free home renovation project that is finished in less than three days? Now I know it’s unusual to be approached by a man with a camera crew who asks you if he can come to your house, demolish one of your rooms and rebuild it from the ground up, but if that man is Josh Temple, contractor from the DIY Network, then you should definitely say yes.

His show, House Crashers, features a different family every episode, a family who says “yes” when Josh propositions them about a free renovation. When Josh arrives at the home, he takes a look at the room the family wants to get redone, whether it be a new kitchen or living room or game room, and then he has his team design a brand new room complete with whatever the family desires. Nearly every time, the renovation turns out to be amazing and it completely transforms both the room and the house itself.

It’s a fun show to watch partly because you’re imagining the whole time that it’s you who might run into Josh at Home Depot one day and get a great new basement or living room entertainment center, and also partly because it’s fun to see what Josh and his team can do in such a small amount of time.

In addition to House Crashers,┬áthere is also a series of “Crashers” shows that focus on different parts of the house with different hosts/contractors like Yard Crashers, Bathroom Crashers and Kitchen Crashers. Each of these shows is based on the same premise, and they’re all equally entertaining, so you can get a taste of some of the amazing renovations that are made to all different rooms.

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