Celebrity Real Estate Roundup: Jennifer Lopez

In this week’s edition of Celebrity Real Estate Roundup, we look at singer/actress/game show judge Jennifer Lopez, who has apparently ditched “the block” and has purchased a charming and quaint beach cottage, according to Curbed.com. Of course, the only thing “quaint” about the cottage is the fact that it’s actually being referred to as a “cottage” despite the fact that it’s over 14,000 square feet and, oh yeah, the fact that she paid $18 MILLION DOLLARS for it.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear the words “charming beach cottage” I immediately picture one of those little beach shacks that line the side of Route 35 as you drive through Ortley Beach and Lavallette in New Jersey. I think of a little screened-in porch with a couple of wooden chairs and maybe even a table in the middle if you really want to splurge. I picture little paintings of lighthouses and beach sunsets lining the walls in the living room, and maybe a little soap dispenser that’s shaped like a beach umbrella in the bathroom.

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Image courtesy of Curbed.com

Do you want to know what I don’t picture when I hear the words “charming beach cottage?” I don’t picture an $18 million waterfront mansion in the Hamptons. Maybe people like J. Lo that can afford $18 million waterfront mansions in the Hamptons picture that, but I don’t.

The house, which is designed by John Laffey, features a “rotunda-style foyer, curved staircase, French doors, coffered ceilings, octagon-shaped dining room, and loads of built-in cabinetry will all appeal to her ‘modern and streamlined’ tastes” according to Curbed. The mansion also boasts a total of seven bedrooms and 9.5 bathrooms. Why there are 2.5 more bathrooms than bedrooms, I guess only J. Lo knows, but what I do know is that Marc Anthony isn’t going to be using any of them. Or maybe he is. I don’t know what their relationship is like.

Visit this link if you wish to look at more pictures of J. Lo’s new “beach cottage.”

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