Tips for Maintaining a Beautiful Lawn This Summer

lawn-care-643561_640Want to make your landscaping the envy of all your neighbors? Maintaining a thick, vibrant green lawn increases the aesthetic of your home and will impress the guests at your summer BBQ. Luckily, growing lush grass is not difficult — follow these tips for a beautiful lawn this summer.

Test the soil

To best prepare your lawn for the summer you should begin by testing your soil’s pH. You can purchase a do-it-yourself test kit from your local home improvement¬† retailer or take a sample to a nearby nursery. This will tell you what your soil lacks so you can give it what it needs to grow thick, beautiful grass!

Seeding your lawn

If your lawn has any bare or brown spots, you’ll need to do a little seeding to make it lush and green again. Begin by properly aerating our soil, and then spread the seed evenly over the area by hand or with a seed spreader. Cover the area with a light layer of soil and water properly — not too much or you will drown the seed.

Fertilizing your lawn

Properly fertilizing your lawn will give it what it needs to grow healthy and green. If you prefer not to buy store-bought chemical fertilizers, you can easily make your own natural alternative with compost material.¬† It’s imperative to spread your fertilizer evenly, so you should definitely use a spreader for this step. For ideal results, you should fertilize your lawn twice a year — in the fall and the spring.

In southern states, spring fertilizing should be done between February and April and fall fertilizing during October and November. For northern states, spring fertilizing should be done between April and early June and fall fertilizing between September and early October.

Mowing your lawn

The length of your grass can greatly affect its health and appearance. Mowing your grass too short can stunt growth and cause dry, yellow patches — but leaving it too long is unsightly and creates an unkempt, sloppy look.

Watering your lawn

Balance is essential when watering your grass — too much will drown the roots, but not enough will leave you with brown, dry grass. A thorough watering with the hose or sprinkler once a week should be sufficient for a beautiful lawn. However, if you have planted new seeds, water lightly once a day for about five to ten minutes.

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8 Beers to Have in Your Cooler for Memorial Day Weekend

friends-581753_640Summer is coming.

This Memorial Day Weekend, welcome the most relaxing season with open arms by kicking back and enjoying some of the best seasonal craft beers. Even if you’ve recently moved or if you’re planning a move, you can afford to take a break and appreciate the weather.

Here are eight beers we think should be in your cooler this weekend:

1. Magic Hat Pistil

Brewed with dandelion leaves, this spring ale is refreshing and has a slightly sour malt body.

2. Narragansett Summer Ale

This session blonde ale is easy to drink, delivering aromas of citrus and passion fruit without completely overwhelming your taste buds.

3. 21st Amendment Bitter American

This brew is perfect for a long day (or weekend) of drinking and relaxing, featuring a floral aroma and a slight bitterness.

4. Brooklyn Summer Ale

Described by the brewery as “a sunny pale ale, Brooklyn style,” this beer pairs well with brunch and all spring and summer finger foods. You can even sip on it while eating your salad (if you’re watching your beach bod)!

5. Dogfish Head Aprihop

This seasonal variety combines apricot juice with Amarillo hops, making it a great partner to barbecue foods. Come for the hops, stay for the apricot.

6. Goose Island Summer Ale

This light-bodied session ale features a fresh orange aroma and a crisp, refreshing taste.

7. Victory Kirsch Gose

Featuring a unique cherry flavor, this session ale combines a delicious tartness, Spalt hops, and a salty element to create a thirst-quenching beer.

8. Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefeweizen

If you’re looking for something on the lighter, sweeter side, this one might be your pick. Made from a combination of wheat beer and grapefruit juice, this beer is basically an Arnold Palmer’s tangy cousin. What it lacks in ABV, it makes up for in refreshment.

Regardless of what you’re drinking this weekend, the team wishes you a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Enjoy (responsibly)!

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Don’t Drink and Drive this Memorial Day Weekend!

Getting behind the wheel after one too many can turn into the biggest regret of your life. Holiday weekends like Memorial Day and Fourth of July often see a spike in alcohol-related traffic accidents and arrests, resulting in loss of license, thousands of dollars in fines, injury, or death. While enjoying the upcoming weekend’s festivities, it is crucial to exercise caution, drink responsibly, and drive safely.

Know your limit

The legal BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) is .08 in most states–which is usually the equivalent of about two alcoholic beverages. The amount of alcohol you can legally and safely consume will also depend on your size, weight, and the time period you drink them. For example, having two drinks in a two hour period will not yield the same BAC as drinking two drinks in a 20 minute period. Time is the main and most important factor influencing intoxication–you shouldn’t consume more than one drink per hour, and you should wait at least one to two hours after you finish drinking to drive. If you are consuming more than two drinks at your BBQ, no matter how long you are there, you should plan for a ride to be safe.

Remember to eat

Drinking on an empty stomach will only increase alcohol’s effects. Be sure to have plenty to eat and drink water to stay hydrated while consuming alcohol to decrease your BAC. It’s a BBQ–food should be plentiful, so take advantage.

Sleep over

If you slip up and have too much to drink and don’t have a ride, ask your host if you can spend the night. If not, be sure to call a cab to get home safely. Never, ever get behind the wheel if you have had too much to drink–nothing is worth the potential consequences.

Keep an eye out for other drivers

If you are driving home soberly and safely, be sure to be aware of other possible drunk drivers on the road. If you see any drivers swerving, speeding, running traffic lights, or driving recklessly, pull over to avoid the vehicle and dial the police immediately to notify them that there may be an inebriated driver in the area. You might just save a life.


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