Five Easy Games to Play During a Car Trip

street-238458_640Moving to a new home often involves a lengthy car ride for you and your family. What can you do to combat boredom and keep everyone happy? Car games that require electronics or pieces can be a hassle and they don’t allow the driver to participate. Games that don’t need any physical materials are your best options for everyone. These verbal games can make time fly during a long trip and can provide a bonding experience for families.

I Spy

This simple classic is a good choice for young children. Whoever’s turn it is looks out the window, sees something and then everyone else in the car has to take turns guessing what that thing is, based on an initial clue. The clue can be the first letter of the word or the color of the object. You can make your own rules regarding allowing questions beyond that initial rule.

Who Am I Thinking Of?/20 Questions

Similar to I Spy in structure, Who Am I Thinking Of? has many different names and variations. The person who is “it” silently thinks of a person or character that everyone else needs to guess. The initial clue is typically the first letter of the mystery person’s name. Whoever guesses it right gets to be “it” next. To keep things fair, try to only use people and characters that everyone in the car knows.

Variations of the game are made when determining the conditions necessary for guessers to ask questions about the mystery person. The 20 Questions version only allows guessers 20 yes or no questions to help guide them to the answer.


Everyone in the car takes turns telling parts of a story. You can switch tellers by sentence, word or longer sections. You’ll be surprised to see where the story goes. This is best done with creative and funny families.

The Question Challenge

How long can you convincingly have a conversation when you are only allowed to ask questions? This game pits two people against each other in an improv exercise seen on “Whose Line is it Anyway?” Once someone stumbles or responds with a non-question, they lose and a new match-up is made.

Would You Rather…

As dumb as it may seem,  a simple game of Would You Rather… can kill a lot of time. This game asks all players to choose from two usually impossibly awful or ridiculous options. The results can be hilarious and sometimes disturbing. For example, would you rather lick the bottom of your shoe or eat a live squid? If there are only adults in the car, this game can get much more outrageous than that.

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Top 5 Cities for Singles

miami-50555_640Looking to move to a city where you can enjoy a lively nightlife, meet new people, and embrace your exciting single lifestyle? According to Travel + Leisure, the following five metropolises boast the best features for unattached locals, such as attractive residents, trendy nightspots, and unique social events.

5. Atlanta, GA. Hotlanta makes the list at number 5, in large part due to its large single population, coffee bars, and increasing job growth.

4. Austin, TX. Ranking among the top 5 for its reputation as a hipster hub, Austin is known for its character– exotic food trucks, charming dive bars and laid-back, friendly locals.

3. New Orleans, LA. A city famous for partying, it’s no wonder New Orleans nabbed a top spot on the list. Endless bars, colorful festivals, live music and big crowds make this beautifully historic and culturally-rich town a singles haven.

2. Houston, TX. The second Texas city  in the top 5, Houston’s art galleries and classy wine bars are perfect for singles with a bit more sophistication.

1.  Miami, FL. Beautiful beaches, pretty people, and a plethora of upscale lounges and nightclubs put Miami at the top of this list this year–up from the number 2 spot in 2014.

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Super Bowl Party Alternatives

Photo by: Animal Planet

Photo by: Animal Planet

Granted, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest nights of American television, but the football extravaganza isn’t for everyone. Especially people who aren’t fans of the sportsball. Are you one of those individuals? Just want a calm weekend in? Here are five alternatives to watching the Seahawks face off against the Patriots on Sunday.

Go out to eat

Having trouble getting a reservation to that restaurant in town you’ve been dying to try? Super Bowl Sunday is the perfect time to score a table (no pun intended) since the majority of people will be hunkered at home watching football.

Watch the Puppy or Kitten Bowl

If men playing sports don’t do it for you, puppies playing “sports” may be right up your alley. The Puppy Bowl airs every year on Animal Planet with a cat halftime show. Not a puppy person? You monster. The Hallmark channel is airing its second annual Kitten Bowl this year.

Throw a regular bowl party

Besides the commercials, arguably the best part of any Super Bowl party is the food. So throw a party that’s solely about the food - potluck or not, your choice. The only rule? Dishes have to be served in bowls. Preferably ones that are not super-sized. Get it? You get it.

Read about fictional sports

Not a fan of gatherings? No problem! Spend your Sunday curled up with a good book. Some sports-themed options include “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,” which features the Quidditch World Cup, “The Hunger Games,” where children fight in a televised battle to the death and “Infinite Jest,” which arguably has more endnotes than tennis.

Gather together with everyone else who doesn’t care

Most likely you have other friends who couldn’t care less about the sportsball. Take advantage of this by gathering these like-minded individuals for a night of watching movies or playing board and card games. Anything but watching sports. Anything but that.

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