Why It’s Important to Research Your Movers

walletAccording to a report from KOMO News in Seattle, complaints against moving companies are becoming more and more common. Customer Susan Frey has taken her recent moving issue to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), stating that roughly half of her possessions never made it to Seattle from Indiana.

Frey has also complained of damage to some of her items that did make it to her new home safely. The upset customer claims that the agreement she made with her moving company was “all verbal” until she received the email receipt. When she arrived at her destination, she had to buy certain items to fill her new apartment–this option was cheaper than hiring another company to retrieve the rest of her belongings.

Cases like this are troubling for professionals in the moving industry. The rise of dishonest moving practices makes research even more important before your move. At Movers.com, we provide customers with the tools they need to do their homework. Our vast network of moving companies features reliable movers who offer a variety of services, all licensed and registered with the BBB.

David Quinlan from the BBB urges prospective customers to “get everything on paper… and read every single word.” We strongly advise customers to obtain a written agreement from the moving company they plan to hire. This document should outline everything from contractual obligations to policies and pricing, as well as an estimated timeline of pickup, transit, and delivery.

We know there are trustworthy moving companies out there who practice honest moving services. We work with many of them. But unfortunately, customers must investigate further to avoid the types of scams we hear about so often. This is why Movers.com is a prospective customer’s best friend.

As for Ms. Frey, we believe she did the right thing. Though she was forced to purchase many of the items her movers left behind, she insisted, “I’m not looking for money–I just don’t want someone else to go through this. It’s just not right.”

Of course, she also added, “Karma’s going to come back to bite ‘em.”

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Helpful Traveling Hacks for Your Next Vacation

beach2Planning a vacation this summer? While a week of relaxation is wonderful, the necessary packing and traveling to get there are no fun. These helpful hacks will make planning your next vacation a breeze!

1. Wrap your shoes in a shower cap. Keep dirt from your shoes’ soles off of your clean, folded clothes by covering each pair with a shower cap before packing them in your suitcase.

2. Store chargers in an eyeglass case. Sick of tangled wire jumbles in your luggage? Keep your phone, laptop, tablet, mp3 player, camera chargers and USB cords neat and organized inside eyeglass or sunglass cases.

3. Roll your clothes. Save space and avoid wrinkles by rolling your clothes rather than folding them. You will prevent creases and free up extra room in your suitcase.

4. Pack jewelry in a pill container. Small earrings and rings can become easily lost when traveling. Keep pieces separate and organized in a pill or vitamin case. If you love being extra organized, you can even fill each labeled compartment with the jewelry you plan to wear each day!

5. Use straws to pack necklaces. Long necklaces knot and tangle during travel. To keep chains tangle-free, insert one end of the necklace through a straw until it emerges out the other end. Clasp the necklace, and place into a zip-lock bag.

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HackBusters: Episode 5 - Moving With a Cardboard Slide

The fifth episode of our exclusive web-series HackBusters is here! In each episode, we test out common, helpful moving hacks (or useless “hacks”, depending on the episode) and decide whether or not they’re viable.

If they’re not, we suggest alternatives. If they are, well, you should really start implementing them.

Think MythBusters, but with much less science, a lack of explosions and with better dramatizations.

You can watch our fifth video above, HackBusters: Episode 5 The Cardboard Strikes Back Moving With a Cardboard Slide, where our hosts Ana and Jenna test out whether turning stairs into a cardboard slide can make moving heavy or awkward items down your staircase easier.

More HackBusters

Have a moving hack, tip or trick you’d like us to try out for you? Send an email to moversteam [at] movers [dot] com outlining your idea and we’ll consider featuring it on an episode of HackBusters!

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